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Tribe Friday is a band of guitar slinging emo kids from the woods of Sweden who marry the rugged indie rock dancehall sounds of the early 2000s with Gen Z post-pandemic party vibe bliss. Upbeat songs about self deprication, identity, confusion, love and death are anchored by sarcasm, wit and charm. 


Isak Gunnarsson - guitar

Noah Deutschmann - vocals/guitar/production

Robin Hanberger Pérez - bass


Artist For Artist

Matthew Reich -

Neal Saini -


Jubel (SWE+Nordics)
Erik Ohlsson -

Jennifer Eriksson Nikolic -

Spider Promotion (DE)

Jan Hagerodt -


High Road Touring (US/NA)
Zachary Cepin -


Nick Ferrara -

Superfan Activation!

Monthly interactive zine

Game-ified trading cards
•Rapidly growing discord community

Street cult

'Group of the Year' Nomination

P3 Guld - Equivalent of a GRAMMY nom in Sweden


•Earmilk, School Night, Alt Press, Visions, American Songwriter, Loudwire, Nöjesguiden 


National TV Performances
•Melodifestivalen 2022 performance of "shut me up" (February 2022) Watch Here

•P3 Guld awards ceremony performance (March 2021) Watch Here

•First nationally televised performance - Musikhjälpen (December 2020). Watch Here


Terrestrial Radio

•Swedish National Radio (P3) - “Talk So Loud”, “Loosie”, “Sleepwalk”, “drugs x boys x drugs”, “forward is the way out”, “for real?”, “conversation”, “shut me up” in rotation

•German Radio (Radio One, Flux FM, Star FM, etc.) ”Loosie” in rotation

•Radio X continues to support each release from the band



•The New Alt, New Noise, New Punk Tracks, Punk Unleashed, All New Rock, New Music Friday in all Nordics, Indie Brandneu, Hot New Bands, Oyster, Indie Highlights


Apple Music

•New in Alternative, New in Rock, The Best of Shazam, New Music Daily, Sounds of Sweden


2019 – 2022 International Touring

•USA, Germany, Sweden, UK

•Booked by High Road Touring (NA), Jubel (SE), Spider Promotion (DE)

Endorsement Deals

Fender Guitars, Orange Amps, Converse, Crosley, Alvarez Guitars, Hex Brand, Levi’s, Doc Martens


•Trying Your Luck EP (2019)

•Chasing Pictures EP (2020)

•Waiting For A Sign EP (2020) 

•drugs x boys x drugs Single (2020)

•get up! Single (2021) 

•bubblegum emo Debut LP (releases June 3rd, 2022)

all material written, recorded and produced by


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